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Acquiring the taste...

Juan Camilo Zúñiga
Juan Camilo Zúñiga (Watford FC), photo uk.sports.yahoo.com

When 10 days ago Walter Mazzarri said that from the next game (the match vs West Ham United) we can judge his work with Watford, I was a bit worried, because that game really should have been a pretty tough one.
Well, i shouldn't. I should have known that if Mr. Mazzarri says something, it means he's sure.

Okay, i couldn't follow the game vs WHU but i totally enjoyed the result, the photos, the highlights, the interviews and opinions. I even saved a link to the whole game, to watch it when i have time. I really enjoyed it all, having in mind that the next weekend would be even tougher.
I was impressed with Mr. Mazzarri's precise timing. Not a game earlier and not a game later, as if he knew how the West Ham match would end. But, and i repeat it with a sincere 'mea culpa' in mind, i never thought of the similar outcome of MU clash. I thought, "well, maybe we (i mean, "guys" :) ) can apply some pressure to that team full of stars. Maybe we can score first, and when - not "if" but "when" - they score an equalizer, we somehow will be able to maintain the draw".

The first hour of the game I spent in sort of 'deja vu' state, because it was exactly like i've already lived through, in my heart. I KNEW Capoue is to score. I KNEW ManU is to answer it, sooner or later (wasn't sure, however, would it be the "eternal" Zlatan or a young Rashford). I KNEW IT ALL... before that subtle and miniature Colombian came onto the field. No, to be honest, I felt the game was a good one, I saw the confidence of Eurelho Gomes, I recognized that painful doubt on Mou's face. I was almost sure we could aim for a draw. It would be 5 points in five matches, decent result for such a tough start.

But then Mr.Mazzarri turned his "Walter the Magician" mode on. Camilo Zúñiga popped like a jack in the box. I mean, literally - "in the box". That combination, Amrabat - Pereyra - Zúñiga, reminded me of that brilliant Napoli, although only the Colombian was part of it once. Half of players, I think, wouldn't rush like Pereyra, and half of those who would, wouldn't get there in time to collect the ball. And, for sure, many could find themselves on Zúñiga's place, but how many of them would be defenders by trade?
That very moment I suddenly remembered the frase that caused so many pseudo experts to smile knowingly or even to laugh: "If i had to choose, I'd pick Pereyra over Pogba". "See?! - I thought, - THAT'S how you should pick your players!"
As you all know, it wasn't over yet, but the Isaac Success's crazy dribbling skill, Fellaini's pathetic attempt to stop Zúñiga (again! what was he doing in the box?? how the hell did he get there?? you'll understand... a bit later) and subsequent penalty kick were the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Adamant Gomes, determined Proedl, sparkling Pereyra, bursting Zúñiga, solid Behrami, passionate Deeney, dancing Success... all of them were "the cake", the dough, the very essence. Because they are a team. A large bowl of dough kneaded by Walter the Magician, Walter the Master.

And we... we're acquiring the taste.



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